How to configure homepage slideshow in cubecart?

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>> Navigate to Modules > 3rd Party > Homepage Slideshow > Configure

• The mod will automatically update your store database, and you should  see a message indicating this.

• Set the status to "Enabled" and press "Edit Config" button

• Set the slideshow size in pixels. There are three important matters here. First, the size should be appropriate for the skin of your store, so that it will fill the space properly. Second, the images you assign to the slideshow should be the exact same dimensions as you have set for the slideshow here. Third, all of the images should be the same size. Oddball mixed sizes will not look as good in your slideshow.

• Set the slideshow speed in milliseconds. This determines how long each slide shows before rotating.

• Set the fade background color. Note, this option is not available when you have both a product slideshow and homepage slideshow working simultaneously at your store, because the product slideshow background is more important to set.
This fade background color should be set to match the background of the page where the slideshow operates. It helps make a clean transition between slides, especially important if the slides are odd sizes. It is best to make ALL slideshow images the exact same size, and use a matching size setting for the show itself, as mentioned above.

• Set whether or not to pause the slideshow on mouse over.

• Once you have created Slideshow images, upload them to your store's images/slides directory. Most effective way to do this is through FTP client.

• Default image setting: You should first add a default image; this image will be shown if any image assigned to the slideshow is non-existent or configured incorrectly.

• Add images by typing in the image file name (example.jpg, example.gif) and also typing in a link for the image if desired.

• Use any one of the Edit Config buttons to save your configuration.

Disclaimer –

This is a standard install by the 3rd party supplier and any customization that is required will result in an additional charge.

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